Saturday, June 18, 2016

twenty øne piløts |-/ Emøtiønal Røadshøw Wørld Tøur

 Josh Dun (drummer) and Tyler Joseph (vocals, piano, ukulele)

Y'all, I just went to the best concert I've ever been to in my entire life! I mean, wow...I still haven't come down off the high! lol

So way back in October! I bought a couple of tickets to go see twenty øne piløts for a present for Shift's birthday in December. The concert was last night...finally! I had tried to get three tickets so we could either bring Fluffernutter (who's a huge fan too!) or a friend, but I was just lucky to get 2 tickets! I bought them about 2 hours after they went on sale! It was crazy!

So I've been into this band for a few years now...ever since I heard House of Gold on the radio.

I liked it so much I checked out the rest of their stuff, which btw, sounds nothing like that song, and I totally got sucked in! They're a hard band to categorize...the best description I've heard is schizoid pop. They have elements of rock, rap, electronic, they're usually just shoved into the alternative What I really like about them is that they are so lyrically intense, they really make you think...and they are totally genuine about things in life like doubt and anxiety and identity and all those types of things that we've all struggled with, but ultimately uplifiting...not to mention clean, so I'm happy to have the kids listen to them. Plus, I like never knowing what's gonna happen next musically...they are incredibly talented. And when you can put of an intense show with just two band members, it's pretty amazing!

One of my favorite songs is Car Radio...I mean, it's almost funny...but so true how hard it can be to just be there alone with our thoughts with nothing to distract us. And yeah, the ski masks are a thing with them and their fans...I really want one of their beanies! lol

They've really blown up in the last year...Their latest album, Blurryface, hit No. 1 on the Billboard it's first week after a couple number one singles. Their biggest commercial hit is Stressed Out...I'm sure you've heard some version (or parody) of it by now. 😉

But really, I have so many favorites I don't know if I could pick...and it's not always the more well known songs...they just have so many gems!

Anyways, Shift was super excited we were finally getting to redeem her present! I felt bad not being able to take Fluffernutter too, since she's probably an even bigger fan of the band than Shift...well, before the concert anyway...Shift's a HUGE fan now! lol...I mean, she's really liked them for a while, but now she REALLY likes them! ;) The concert was at Mohegan Sun Arena at the casino, which is about an hour away...I was also pretty excited for a completely unrelated reason...the only Krispy Kreme in CT is at the casino. I told David I was coming home with so many boxes! hahaha...I'm not a big donut fan normally, but Krispy Kremes are on a whole different level, especially when the hot sign is on!!! Nothing like a brand new hot donut right off the conveyor belt! How do they not have more of these in CT???? Anyways, I digress.

Concert...yes...first, we had to get ready ;) We knew we wanted to wear black and/or red...since those are the colors of the album. Shift was running around, I don't have any black or red! Can I borrow one of yours? sigh...ok, fine. lol...for some reason I hate sharing my'm just so relieved I don't have to share my shoes with her anymore...she's a bigger size than me now! 😆 Then trying to get our hair and makeup done...serious business! Finally out the door around 5:20. The concert was at 7:00, but I wanted to get there in enough time to park and find our way there, etc. Let me tell you, it was not the easiest time figuring out where to go and finally finding a garage...they had several, and I think I missed the arena sign...but it all worked out! We wound up in the garage right next to Krispy Kreme! Someone was looking out for me! hahahaha 😂

so I didn't forget where we parked...duh! lol...not that it did me any good, my phone was dead by the end of the night!

I had come prepared with my good camera, my phone all charged up, tickets (so glad I didn't forget those!)...apparently I was too prepared. You're not allowed to have a camera bigger than can fit in your pocket...booo!!!! Oh well...I took lots of pics on my phone...and some even came out plus a couple videos. I'll only post halfway decent ones, don't worry. 😉

The first band was Chef'Special...from Holland! They were alright...I wanna say they played for about 20 minutes. Then a break while they set up the equipment for Mutemath, the second opening Shift and I headed for the merchandise line. It was a good thirty minute wait...but we got a t-shirt to share, and a bracelet for Fluffernutter. Back in to catch rest of Mutemath's set...I actually knew one of their hadn't known it was by them. I just heard the song Spotlight on a movie soundtrack. They wound up playing about 45 minutes. I didn't know what to expect as far as length from the main act, but I was hoping for as long as possible! hahaha


So the opening acts wrapped up around 8:15...and then the set up for twenty øne piløts took quite a while...they finally came on stage around 9:00...and we didn't sit down for two hours! It was frenetic, fantastic, immersive, unrelenting, electric, acrobatic, interactive and straight up awesome!

They opened with HeavyDirtySoul...with their signature ski masks and red suit from the artwork for the tour. Then played Migraine, which is one of Shift's favorites. I think it was during this song that Tyler Joseph was playing the piano, and the crew came out and covered him and the piano with a big black cloth...which then dropped away and he was gone...and then the spotlight showed him in the audience on the upper level!!! So cool!!! If only it had been on our side! He was directly opposite us. We were up in the nosebleed section right to the left of the stage...but because the arena isn't too big, there really isn't a bad seat. Plus, they had the big screens projecting the stage, plus other imagery...and they really work the crowd! Tyler is bouncing around all over the place, side to side, front, back, in the crowd, behind the

I can't even begin to tell you what all songs they played, or in what should have taken notes! lol...I did see an article and it said they had a 21 song set in front of an at capacity crowd...which I assume means sold out. They had so many great when Josh did his customary back flip (happens every show!) Tyler standing on the crowd in the mosh pit to belt out a song...then Josh playing the drums on a platform that the crowd held up...and more!

Then I want to say about halfway through their set they made their way back to a smaller stage at the other end of the arena and played about 15 minutes there...mostly a medley of some of their older hits. It was a nice touch to get closer to other parts of the audience who were further away.

I love these awesome skull hoodies they have...I need to try to find one!

Then they made their way back to the main stage...with yet another costume

There Tyler goes, standing not just in, but on the crowd! lol
I liked these dancing sugar skull skeletons!
on our side of the stage!

Then about two thirds through, the guys brought back out the two opening acts...and they all sang and played some hilarious cover choices! First up, Twist and Shout! 😄 Then, they sang...and reenacted...My Heart Will Go On! Next up, the only decent Justin Bieber song...Love Yourself! 😆 he was singing he changed the lyrics and said "I never like to admit I like this song" bwahahaha Then they ended with that song Jump Jump Jump up and get down...Y'all know what I'm talking about...I looked it up, wait for's called Jump Up. lol

Josh played the trumpet on one of the songs! so great! 

Then, yet another funny stunt...Tyler ran in a hamster ball all over the mosh pit! So funny!

Guns for Hands!
apparently Tyler really likes to climb...which I did know from he climbed this little tower...about 15-20 feet high at the back of the arena, with a tiny platform, and performed a song up there...holding on to nothing!

Like all good things must, it finally came to an end. They played for a solid two hours. I've been to a decent amount of concerts...Killers (with backstage passes!), The Fray, Crowder, The Civil Wars...hands down, this was the best concert ever! Worth every penny! I told Shift she was forever spoiled for any other concert she goes'll never live up to her first one! It was funny, I told Shift afterward, I felt like I had been worshiping by the end of it...their faith underlies their music, just like our faith should anchor everything we even though they're not an overtly christian band, because of their faith, they shine light through their talent and music...and I find that amazing!

Edit: here are some pics from their official Twitter from the Mohegan Sun concert:

Happy, satisfied fans!!!
hungry fans!

We were starving, as we hadn't had time to eat dinner beforehand. Shift got fish and chips and I got a gulf shrimp basket. David would have been so jealous, he misses the gulf shrimp! lol Then we headed to Krispy Kreme for donuts...I had been charged with bringing home lots. There wound up being a crazy midnight! The hot sign was on...we were waiting for about thirty minutes I want to say...and then I ordered 3 double dozens...the guy was looking at me like, oh've got problems! hahahaha...but I haven't had any in like 8 years! They're for my kids! lol

happy camper!

Once we got home, around 1:30 am! I made Shift take a pic with the good camera...since it was utterly useless at the concert! lol...but I wasn't the only one who made that mistake, there were a lot of cameras checked!

At the end of the concert, there were some confetti cannons, and eventually some of it blew our we grabbed some to put in our concert album! lol...yes, we are dorks! but we weren't the only ones picking it up! haha

our awesome concert T

Why yes, I did wear it today! lol...and it's super cool! I got first dibs...Shift is gonna have to dig it out of my dresser if she wants to wear it! hahaha...

And that, as they say, is that.