Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Back in Gray!

Yay, I'm doing good! Back again, exactly one week later! 😝 This past week has been busy at school, as they are wrapping up soon. At the elementary school they've been having theme days. First up was Rock Star Day! Glitter and I looked on Pinterest and found a cute Jem and the Holograms inspired out she wasn't the only one! haha...some of her classmates and even her teacher went with the same idea. She picked her outfit out...not sure why mismatched shoes are rock star material, but it was super cute!

silly rock star poses!
umm, what do I do? lol
Glitter and her teacher! so cute!

Meanwhile, I celebrated my first day of no gray with the brightest color I could find! haha

I got so many compliments on this dress when I wore it...and I was all like, "Savers!" lol

The next day was the kiddos' field day at school...which they combined with VIP day. Which I like the idea of the whole consolidation thing, but when you have more than one kid, makes it a bit complicated to keep track of whose lunch is when and then where and when to go for the VIP experience. My day was even more complicated, as I was running all over the place before and

So Shift had been sick for over a week...weird symptoms, started off with that weird dry heaving...then morphed into sore throat and congestion...finally went to achy, itchy feeling and sore back. So weird. Anyways, since she hadn't gotten better I took her back to the Dr that morning. He seemed to think it was probably viral, but because it was lingering, and weird, he ordered blood work to check for mono (which I was leaning toward...hahahaha...Shift was all, what's mono? I started laughing and said, it's the kissing disease. She was mortified! not into that yet!), thyroid issues, etc. So after the 8:30 appt we ran to Quest to get the bloodwork done, then I dropped her at school. She did not agree with that destination! lol...oh, by the way, the results of the bloodwork came back negative for anything...and she is finally starting to get back to don't know what it was!

Then I jetted home to check on David, get him his meds/breakfast, then dashed over to the school to watch some of the field day activities.

But I only had about 20 minutes before I needed to go pick up their lunches. We've made it a tradition that when I eat with them on field day, they can pick out what they want to eat. Buddy and Glitter decided on Dairy Queen chicken fingers...but of course they don't open till 1030, so I couldn't get it before I went to field day, so I had to leave, pick up the food, then come back and hope I'm on time for the lunch part. I would totally reconsider the whole thing, but they love it so much!'s all good! So the kindergartners had their lunch first...

I love this picture! (except for my hair flying around like crazy! lol)

Then, thankfully, Glitter's grade was next! I've had some years where the lunches were scheduled all over the place, when I had 3 different grades to keep track of! I have to admit, I'm glad the middle school field days don't require parental attendance! lol

food still in the mouth! let's try again! 
much better!

Kindergarten didn't have VIP day, so I only needed to attend Glitter's! her's was right after her recess. It was all working out. So they had a fun activity, make balloon cars! It was pretty cute...Glitter's actually worked pretty was really slow, but went pretty far!

Then it was back home to get David up and going for his PT appointment. As far as I can remember, it was is always good! Then back home to the kids and normal after school madness! lol...I can not wait until school is out! Thank goodness it's just a couple more days!

I almost caught them snuggling...but then he got interested in whatever was happening on the lately these two have been getting along really well! Make's my momma heart happy! 💗

Friday was Superhero Day!

Why hello there Peter Parker and Kara  
I mean, Spiderman and Supergirl!
no, I mean, goofballs!

David and I had our own superhero went to see the new X-Men movie. We were torn between the new Turtles movie and X-men...I really want to see the Turtles movies because Stephen Amell (Green Arrow dude) is in it, and I actually enjoyed the first one...I mean, yeah, it was mindless, but fun! But X-men won out!

The four horsemen!

I had been enjoying the new X-men movies. And don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this one too...but it was weird, like the costuming was amazing! The special effects were good...the acting was great! But the story was, I don't was missing something I can't quite put my finger on. Like David said, it was basically nonstop action, but he was bored during it. It's like the emotional heart of it was gone...if that makes sense. But definitely worth the price of a ticket ;) And Quicksilver was the best part of it, again! His scene is just can't help but love him!

That night Glitter's friend took her to the Relay for Life event. Our school was participating and had a bunch of fun things going on there. She came home with all her pockets stuffed with candy! lol

Glitter made a luminary for Daddy! 💗

Fluffernutter has been taking guitar lessons for about a year now. Last month her teacher asked her if she wanted to join the all girl rock band he had at the place she takes her lessons. Which is an additional hour of practice at the studio...but she was excited. So no sooner does she start practising with them than they have a gig! What???? lol...she was so nervous...and thrilled.

So basically less than four weeks after she joined the band, Royals, they played a gig at the local pub! It was so cute! It was four bands from the studio she takes lessons from...and they did awesome! The place was packed, of course, all the families of the kids! Win-win for everyone! The pub did extra business, the kids got to play in public, so cool!

The only bummer was that as soon as we got to the car, David puked up his patty melt :( At least it wasn't inside! and I had a bucket there just in, most importantly, he got to see Fluffernutter play! He's been loving her learning the guitar...keeps wanting to buy her all kinds of equipment...I have to hold him back! lol

We were scheduled to go back to Sloan for an appointment and chemo treatment. Usually they've been really good about scheduling his MRI for the same day, so we don't have to make more than one trip. This time his MRI was set up on Monday and his appt on Tuesday. I tried calling for a few weeks to get it changed, never got a call back, until which point I knew it was too late, they wouldn't have any more openings...and sure enough, we had to make the trip twice. Ugh! So annoying!

His MRI was at 1045 on Monday morning...and of course, there was a ton of traffic. We left early, adding in another hour to the normal drive time...and we were still about ten minutes late! I HATE being late!!! Stresses me out so much! Of course, I'm late all the time...but it's hardly ever because of's the kids or David's fault! hahahaha...anyways, the MRI went through no problem...and we were out of there heading back home...of course, the garage still cost $20 just for the one hour! booooo!!! least we made it back in plenty of time to get the kids from school.

One of my friends was having a last coffee morning before school let out. I was so bummed I wouldn't be able to stay too long, but I was like, I am going for as long as I can! Thankfully David's appointment yesterday wasn't until 2:00 pm, so we didn't have to leave until 11:00. So I was able to go to the coffee get together for an hour. Heather had a big ole spread laid out! Yum!

This was only like a third of it! lol

It was so great seeing all my MOPS crew who I don't get to see as often as I'd like anymore! Honestly, if it came to an extra hour of sleep or an hour with my friends, I pretty much always pick my friends. It makes me feel so much more energized! And that's how I know I'm an extrovert! lol...even though I'm a bit shy with people I don't know...I'd much rather be around people than alone!

Then, these beautiful, gorgeous, lovely ladies totally surprised me! I had zero idea anything else was going on, and then, right before I had to go, they blessed me with an incredible goody bag full of love and support! I was so touched! Then, when I got home, and had a chance to actually look at it, I was blown away! Y'all totally made me muss my makeup! lol...but seriously, ever since I moved to this foreign land :P my MOPS friends have been a constant awesome source of friendship, love, and in these last tough years, the best thing I could have asked for. I am so incredibly grateful for all of you!!! 💗💗💗

Back home, I rousted David out of bed and off we went on our second trip in as many wound up being a pretty long day. The appointment went fine.

not a big enough smile, try again!
yeah! lol...he's got gray on too!
Back in Gray again ;)

His MRI scan showed no growth, praise God. His blood counts have been holding steady even with the chemo, so that was good as well! The doctor wanted him to get another lumbar puncture though, to check for pressure, the NP tried a couple of times, and couldn't get any fluid. :( It's so painful! It's NOT fun to watch. So they will have to try it with an X-ray, which needed to be scheduled on a different it looks like that will be done next time we go up, in a month. Then I find out that the next two appointments in July and August, they couldn't get the MRI scheduled on the same day as his dr appt and chemo we're gonna have to make extra trips on different days each time! That's really frustrating! Then it was down to get his treatment...of course they didn't call him back until about 50 minutes past his scheduled time...and it was a longer infusion than I thought. The chemo is a 30 min infusion, which I knew, but they also needed to do a 10 min steroid drip, and then a 30 minute nausea drip. So we didn't get out of the building till about 6:35...and of course, we just missed the last shuttle of the day back to the garage! Grrrrr....oh well. David made the walk back...and we rewarded ourselves with dinner at the sushi place we had eaten a few visits ago. David hates sushi, but they have a really good drunken noodle dish he likes. My sushi was quite tasty! lol...then on the road...smooth drive home...until we hit Hartford at there was a wreck. And bed!