Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to me! ;) 33 is Geeky Chic!

Congratulations, I'm a full grown geek!!!

Yesterday was my was just a big birthday weekend! Not only did Red Three have her birthday on Friday, but then she and Red Two both had friend birthday parties to go to on Saturday, and then mine was Sunday. Busy, busy, busy!

My birthday outfit...I didn't get a full pic of me, so here's a piecemeal look ;)

Even though I'm supposedly a grown up, I still LOVE birthdays!!! I could care less that I'm another year older, I just love to celebrate! But go figure, David is terrible at planning for birthdays, lol...luckily Rachel took over party duties this year. After church we went out to eat at Bonefish Grill. It was the first time we'd been...this one just opened up in town. Even though the menfolk were grousing about the lack of fried options, the food was delicious!!! I even had some raw oysters...last time I had those were a year ago...and before that, years!!! I love them though! Rachel tried one...she just about puked! HAHAHAHA It was awesome! They had this appetizer called Bang Bang good! The service was great...Red Three and I even got some chocolate dipped strawberries and a birthday message written in chocolate. Thankfully it was too high class to do a ridiculous birthday song! Whew, sidestepped that one ;) I had a total ditz moment though...I specifically brought the camera in so I could get pictures...and then promptly forgot I had it with me. I even took some pics with David's phone! LOL! Of course, I realized when we were leaving that it was with me the whole time! :/ sigh

 Buddy's started this new thing where he tries to cover his face when I'm taking his pic...silly boy!

After lunch we had to stop by Munson's Chocolate, so David could get me something for my birthday. hahaha! That man!

When we got home, David fragged out on his game for a bit while Rachel and the girls went on the porch to wrap, and then came inside and started decorating the cake.

 "Thas so cool Daddy!"
Freckles likes to lay under the computer

Red One made the cake, chocolate with vanilla buttercream and chocolate ganache on top. It came out pretty good for the first time. A little lopsided and not the smoothest ganache, but she's 11!

They surprised me with a T.A.R.D.I.S. on top! I've managed to get Rachel addicted to Doctor Who's nice to geek out together! Anyways, it came out super cute! (even if it did take forever! :P) Definitely reminds me of the Starry Nights T.A.R.D.I.S.!

 While we were waiting on the cake to be ready, David was disassembling his like the thing to do. ;) Buddy was very interested. Actually, David was trading stocks with Dad.

 A man, his dog, and his gun! lol

Look at those awesome earrings Sarah gave me! Love them!

But first, to open presents...we generally do it out of the traditional order. We're usually too full from dinner to have cake right away, so we typically do presents first. It's kinda a funny tradition, but someone always has to ask "What comes first, cake or presents?" And then we all chime in, "presents!"

They tried to fake me out with one box, make me think that's all I had...but it was full of wrapped presents ;)

 Be still my geeky heart! It's a Sonic Screwdriver!!! and not just any sonic screwdriver, it's 10's sonic screwdriver!!!! He's my favorite Doctor...sigh ;) ...ok, snap out of it! Plus, it makes sound effects! I was sonicing everything!

And seriously, if you don't know what a sonic screwdriver is, or the T.A.R.D.I.S., you need to reexamine your life choices! Bwahaha, but really! It's from this little show called Doctor Who that is completely amazing and nuts and hilarious and gut wrenching...I'm so in love with it! I'm a SuperWhoLock fan with a little Loki thrown in...and LOTR is just a given. That's Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock, along with the Marvel movies thrown in, as well as Lord of the Rings for all you uncool people ;) lol Hey, I've warned you many times...I'm the biggest geek out there! If anyone follows me on Pinterest, they already know...they're inundated with all my Geeky Chic pins! hahaha

And now, a montage of the 10th Doctor and his sonic screwdriver, brought to you by the devoted (and slightly nuts) fandom.

 And then there's me...


Rachel also made me some really cool jewelry, a necklace that's extra cool, and some really neat feather hairbands. Plus some other jewelry she didn't make, but almost as cool ;) Some books that I wanted and some sweet stuff from the kids...I made out! Good birthday!

It was so funny, Dad didn't think I'd like the sonic screwdriver as much as I did...guess he didn't realize what a big, fat nerd I really am!!! HAHAHAHA

MMMM, cake!

 Happy birthday to me....

How'd that selfie get in there?? Guess we can see who was manning the camera ;)

Thanks sis!

 Dontcha just love the awesome, geeky, excited faces we have!

And then, to top it off, Rachel cleaned up everything! WOW, hard to know which gift is better. The girls were supposed to be helping, but of course, they mostly just stood around. They get no credit, as Rachel told them!!! lol...NO CREDIT! I got your back, Rach!

Glad I'm not the Silence!

Gotta be careful though, Buddy keeps trying to steal my sonic screwdriver! haha It is pretty sweet!

Then, I'm gonna go out with my gfs tomorrow night to celebrate with them. All in all, it's been an awesome birthday! Thanks everyone!

OH, oh, oh, I totally forgot! Even Google wished me happy birthday! :D

This was my Google Doodle on my birthday, and if you moused over it, it said Happy Birthday Mary Cate! and if you clicked it, it brought you to my Google Plus page. Pretty sweet!