Monday, July 1, 2013


Woohoo :)

Now that school's out, what to do??? lol...the kids are already starting the "I don't know what to do" whine...they're not allowed to tell me they're bored, so they find more creative ways of saying it. hahaha...I had wanted to take them swimming last week, but it's been raining/thundering on and off for days! Of course, the one nice day we had to go to NYC.

I did finally get to take Red One for our night out...I've been trying to get a little more one on one time with the girls. My goal is every week or two take one of them at a time out for some fun. I had made it through all three, but then it's been over a month since I took anyone. Thursday night I was able to get out of the house with just my oldest. Remember how she won those B&N gift cards for her pasta car? Well, I took her to spend them...she had a really hard time narrowing the books down! LOL...that's my girl. Then we went to the local roller skating rink. On Thursdays they have their Cheap Skate...8.50 for admittance, skates, and unlimited pizza...not a bad deal. Red One LOVES roller skating!!!! She had an awesome time. ;) Gotta admit, I had fun myself! It brought back memories of how much fun it was as a kid to go skating! 

We had to leave early on Friday for NYC because David had another appointment with the nurse practitioner and his last treatment of this cycle. Red Three said she was going to miss us. I told her she could come if she wanted, but it wouldn't be that much fun. She'd be sitting in the car for three hours, walk to the dr office, sit for more, then sit in the car for another 3 hours going home. She thought about it and said she still wanted to come. I said, "OK, but you'll have to get up at 5:30..." She wasn't too keen on that, but said she'd do it. So in the morning I woke her up, at first she was like "no" but then she popped right up and got ready and dressed. She certainly got up easier than David! She had a bag all packed with books and drawing materials, and even some crackers and water. She was prepared! The drive in wasn't too bad...we made decent time, but we left a little late, so wound up being about 10 min late for his appointment :/

David wasn't totally happy with this appointment. For one thing, the NP got on to him for not getting his blood work again. To be fair, David is really bad about it...but it's hard sometimes with work to get to the lab, especially since he rarely works in town. But he is also a bit of  a procrastinator/hermit who hates to leave the house. But she threatened him with saying that Dr. Omuro would drop him if he kept on missing his labs. David doesn't respond well to threats, so he didn't appreciate that at all. He also felt that she wasn't really listening to him today...she didn't really care. I don't know...I didn't really pick up on that, but he is pretty perceptive about people, way more than I am! Anyways, he wasn't very happy about it. Then when he went to get the chemo, the nurse really poked him with the needle...that certainly didn't help, lol. Apparently the vein wasn't as close to the surface as she had thought...oops. When we were done, we all could use some food...we thought Italian sounded good. It's so funny...there were literally 4 Italian restaurants within a hundred feet of each other! Two of them were right next to each other, and the other two were across the street and just a few restaurants apart. Red Three wanted the spaghetti and meatballs...I got lobster ravioli! David got some sort of clam actually had too much Red Three was such a good girl the whole trip. While she didn't love all the driving, she liked being with us. I let her play with my phone camera in the car on the way home...speaking of, so much traffic going home! UGH! For some reason, I never even saw an accident or construction...not to mention it was only 2:00pm, there was bumper to bumper traffic almost all the way from Danbury to Waterbury! So frustrating!

Yup, got my gray on! :)

We finally got through it and the rest of the way was fine. David wanted to stop at Lowes to pick up an edger. We've really needed one for a while...our sidewalks are SO overgrown! He really wanted a gas one, but those suckers are expensive!!! He finally settled on the electric one, but said I'd be using it...haha...guess it's not manly enough for him ;) I always liked edging though, so I didn't mind ;) We were home by 4:00...but I sure was beat! Red One had made a cake for the rest of the kids tea party with Mumsie. I was totally in need of some chocolate, so it was perfect timing. 

Of course, David had to break out the edger right away! I think he got about 10 feet (if that!) and thought, ok, that was cool...I'm good. I'm not took about 45 minutes for me to just do the sidewalk from our porch to the main sidewalk. I think we might have gained a foot of concrete! Saturday morning I got all the front sidewalk and part of the side sidewalk, and it took me about 3 hours....I still have tons left to do! I was wearing gloves and still started to get blisters! It looks so much better though! And once it's done, it'll be so easy to keep's just breaking through all the overgrowth and dirt that's spilled over. Once I'm done with that, the kids could probably do it no problem. Red One was pouting all morning because she had to mow. Then again, she pouts every weekend when she has to That's life, kid...suck it up!

I had told Rachel I'd help her sort through her clothes and get a bit we headed over there for the afternoon. We got a lot done! Plus, I found my Texans sweatshirt I had loaned her last year! YAY! plus a bunch of cute clothes that she didn't want anymore...woohoo :) I'm always happy to take my fee in clothing ;) hahah, jk, but it was a nice bonus. 

We finally had our s'mores firepit extravaganza that the storm had postponed on Saturday night...we went over Sarah and Dave's house and the kids had a blast. Nobody got burnt, everybody got sticky...good times! I felt so horrible though...they had left one of their son's bikes at our house after we had gotten together earlier, and it was stolen! It was a nice bike too...grrrr! I should have moved it into the shed or something...just awful. Guess we'll have to start being more careful with all our stuff...I've never really worried about any of it. :( We had a great time though...the kids were up late and we wound up missing first church the next was nice to sleep in though!

Red Three lost her third tooth yesterday after church! She looks so stinking cute! Of course, she's wondering how she's gonna eat now.

Buddy got into my makeup again...and he totally knew he wasn't supposed to! Apparently he thought my eye makeup would look better as a lip stick...

This was after he was in trouble, he's ruined many a lipstick...but I had to take a pic! 

My mom was all worried because we had missed mass...she kept asking if I was going to go to confession...silly mom. I told her, I'm 32 years old, you don't have to worry about that anymore. But we did go to an evening service...she was so happy...hahaha...good grief!