Friday, July 26, 2013

MRIs, Blood Counts, Prescription Drama and poor pitiful me!

So, Tuesday David and I headed to NYC for another MRI and doctor appointment. It's the end of his two month cycle, so before he starts another round of chemo, we gotta jump through all the hoops. His MRI was scheduled for 1:00 and appt at 2:30. We didn't get on the road till about 10...I just knew we were gonna be late. Thankfully we got there about was smooth sailing all the way, we didn't run into any traffic...even with a gas stop and Starbucks run ;) I did get the building wrong though, lol...sometimes David is scheduled in the MRI/Imaging building, which is right next to the garage, and sometimes he's scheduled at the MRI department in the doctor's office building. I thought he was supposed to go to the one by the garage, but we had to hurry the couple blocks over to the office building...still made it in time though! We didn't have time to grab lunch though :/

Except...we were sitting there waiting, and waiting, and waiting...he didn't get called back till about 1:40. MRI's usually take anywhere from 40-60 minutes...and remember, his appointment was at 2:30. At least the waiting rooms are pretty ;)

I cannot tell you how glad I was that I wore a sweater (I mainly brought it because it's gray, lol)! It was FREEZING, way more than normal! David couldn't believe I wore these flip flops...guess they are pretty bad...haha! Yes, Freckles has damaged another pair of my shoes :(

My brain cancer David's ring. He can't wear it during the MRI of course. That thing won't even stay on my thumb!

Anyways, once David was called back, I did my bible study homework and read my library book. I wasn't paying too much attention, but it did seem to be taking quite a while. When he came out, he didn't look like a happy camper. He told me he threw up during the MRI...bear in mind, he's probably had at least 20 if not more MRIs, and never a problem with nausea once! He said after the contrast was pumped in, which usually feels weird and tingly and almost unbearable before normaling out, he started to feel nausea building. He tried to wait, but finally squeezed the little ball and told the techs what was going on...they came rushing in, unstrapped his head and had a bucket for him right away...just in time. It could have been bad if he was still strapped down and unable to turn his head...thankfully they are great professionals. It was just totally weird, he's never had any nausea from an MRI...and he felt terrible the rest of the day.

After this, we headed to the Neuro-Oncology floor...around 3:00 or so. He got his blood work done. We didn't get back to the room until maybe 3:30...waited for the nurse for quite some time till she showed up. Did all the initial check up stuff and background history since David was actually seeing a different doctor than normal this visit...Dr Omuro is out for a bit, so we were scheduled to see another neuro-oncologist. After the nurse left, guess what...we waited some more. Dr Kaley finally came in probably around 4:20ish. We really liked him though...he was a really happy guy, joking around...and of course, didn't hurt that he had good news about the MRI ;) No changes, nothing that they can see, the same as it's been since David's second surgery...praise God!

Dr Kaley did tell David that his blood counts were a little on the low order to give chemo they want the white counts to be 3 or higher; David's were 2.7. Not low enough to worry about, no need for mask or extra precautions, but they wanted to wait a week before starting the next round. He also informed us that one of the chemo drugs, CCNU, is in a national shortage, so he wanted us to pick it up from the in house pharmacy as he knew they had some. He said the nurse had already cleared it with our insurance...we usually need refills to be mail ordered. By this time it was almost 5:00, so he sent us down to the pharmacy. We then headed out to get something to eat. I was feeling nauseous myself from not eating since breakfast. I'm the worst faster...I get all shaky and sick feeling if it's been too long since I've eaten. David got a couple of hot dogs and I got this chicken gyro with white sauce and hot sauce. It was delicious...I won! :)

We both love this picture that hangs in the pharmacy...the bird isn't painted the best, but the water looks awesome!

We headed back to the pharmacy to wait...and of course, there were insurance problems. When aren't there? Even though they had gotten a override for the mail order requirement was still needed. I called Caremark and after a long hold (with a dying phone...I just knew it was gonna kaput on me!) she told me that the account manager needed to give the override. She informed me that this was at the account manager at the union! This would have been good information to have months ago when I was having all the problems with the other chemo drugs!!! Anyways, by this time it was after 6:00, so they were long closed. We'd had enough of New York, so home we headed. Finally got there about 9:00...exhausted!

Thanks to Rachel and Papa for watching the kids for us! I had been feeling kinda yucky for part of the day, but I just figured it was from not eating. However, all that night I kept waking up feeling achy. When I took my temp in the morning it was actually low though. After I took some Tylenol I felt much better. But in the afternoon I started feeling worse and that night I felt terrible. I was achy, my skin felt like it would hurt if you touched didn't, but it felt like it would. Kinda hard to describe. I was freezing, chills (on a hot summer day), my neck hurt...but no fever every time I checked. No cough or congestion either...but it did hurt when I took a deep breath. Sometimes my asthma does that. Anyways, with David's blood counts on the low side, I though I should get it checked out. Luckily our doctors' office is open late and they got me in. David wouldn't even come down for soon as he heard I felt sick he said "See ya!" and headed right back upstairs. LOL

By the time I got there, I was running a very low grade temp...99.1 I didn't think that even qualified for a temp, but whatever. They ran a flu swab...negative. She said it seemed to just be a virus...told me to not go to work, get lots of rest and fluids and take Motrin. I told her I have 4 kids, I'm always at work! That night I felt awful!!! Freezing, aching, skin weird! I was pitiful! I slept in the den...didn't want to breathe on David all night. Started feeling a bit better yesterday...but as soon as the Motrin wears off I still feel bad, just not as bed. Right now I'm sweating like my fever broke, but I did that yesterday too. As long as the Motrin is in my system, I feel almost normal, but when it's out of my system I start getting achy and tender again. Not to moan and groan...but seriously?!??!?!?! The timing on this stinks!

I do have to show off my gladiolas and Red Three's sunflower. I have the biggest black thumb! Which is why I really like bulbs. Usually don't have to do much and they are so pretty! And Red Three grew her sunflower from seeds! They have even more blooms now. She's very proud!

 Oh, I did get the prescription worked out...Caremark's mail order service does have it in stock. Not only that, but they still had refills. So all I had to do was set up delivery. They came yesterday, so we are all set. All we are waiting on is for David's blood counts to go up. Hopefully he'll be able to start this coming Tuesday.