Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1st Day of School! Yippee!!!

Ah, the first day of school...the happiest day of the year, well, almost! ;)

Love that commercial! hahaha

Anyways, yesterday was yet another NYC trip to Sloan-Memorial for David's final IV chemo. The check in with the nurse practitioner went well. David's liver counts were going up, which is great. He still needs to keep monitoring his blood/liver counts weekly though, and still can't have any OTC pain relievers till everything is back to normal. We'll be going back in 3 weeks for an MRI and then to meet with the doctor to find out what's next. The pharmacy was running behind, so we wound up waiting almost three hours to get called back for the 10 minute IV drug...sigh...

 Hahaha, we found Red Three's sandals caught in the van back door
 Awful quality, but that is gray I'm wearing ;)

We were starving by this point, so we thought we'd check out this curry place we'd seen before. It had a line of people waiting outside scratch that! Then we tried an Irish pub, but they were only open for dinner. David surprised me by actually suggesting a sushi joint. I love sushi, and he loathes it! Not to mention, he couldn't eat it now if he wanted to. I was super excited though...I haven't had any in a while! I wound up getting the lunch bento box and David got some beef udon noodles. Mine was scrumptious...basically a sampler of sushi. David hated :/ He's just not a Japanese food dude...he sure can chow down on Chinese though! hahahaha

Rachel caught me blogging the other day...bts pic for ya ;)

Although it did seem like the summer was super short (and not all the summery at times) I was so done with all the bickering! So, while on the one hand, I wished they had more time to have fun and relax, I was thrilled that they went back to school! I took the girls to get back to school outfits at Savers last week. They looked so cute today!

 I'm seriously loving Red Two's outfit! I would totally wear it, especially those ikat shorts!
 It was so soon as I saw that frilly heart shirt hanging on the rack, I knew Red Three would pick it! lol
 Red One found the most awesome Converse sneaks ever! (well, ok, they're not as cool as The Doctor's...but I digress) They have like two different layers of them! Red One was very concerned with making sure her outfit looked like her normal cute!
 How cute are they? 

I may have mentioned previously, but today was Red One's first day at the 6th grade academy. New school, new routine, different classes, etc...big changes! I was praying she would have a great day...and she came out all smiles, so thank the Lord for that!

And she wasn't too cool for me to still take pics before dropping her off! lol

It's a little different getting used to dropping kids off at two different schools. Red One's not a walker anymore...I drop her off around 8:10, then head home and walk the other two to school by 8:50...which means we usually leave by about 8:35. Then Red One gets out of school at 2:45 and the other girls get out at 3:25. I was a little worried I'd be super rushed...but it worked out perfectly, so that's great! We decided not to do the much time is lost with that...and the school is only 5 minutes away, so I don't mind driving her.

Walking to school this morning, Kim (and Torrey) and Sarah were all walking too...we made quite the caravan ;) Kim's youngest started kindergarten this year...she was so excited, had the biggest grin on her face! What will Kim do with all her free time now??? ;) 

After dropping them off, Buddy was sad that he wasn't going to school too. Poor buddy!

 forlorn Buddy :(
 Just ain't fair!

Everyone had an awesome first day of school. The school district just put all the forms online, so I don't have a mountain of triplicate forms to fill out! I just about danced for joy when I saw that last week! hahaha...but seriously! Red One was stoked that our church youth group was having a back to school bash tonight with a slip n slide, powder paint fight, food, etc...she's been talking about it all week! She's there now...hopefully having a blast! In fact, almost time to pick her up... better go ;)