Saturday, August 31, 2013

Shopping, schooling, and some kiddie crafts

While we were in NYC for David's treatment, Rachel was watching the kids for us. She planned on doing some fun crafts with them...trying to make their last day before school started fun. I had some supplies for all these crafts that I had wanted to do over the summer, which of course, we never did. Anyways, Rachel is usually in charge of the crafts for the kids...I have no patience with it. I wind up getting super frustrated and instead of having fun family time, it turns into a witchy mess! lol...we all have our strong suits and our weak points. Anyways, I had several ideas that I'd found on Pinterest that looked really cool; glitter slime, foam dough, paper roll crafts, sock bubbles...Rachel said she'd snoop around my Pinterest and that they'd try at least some of them out.

She kept sending me texts of the kids...they were having so much fun! They wound up doing the glitter slime (which worked really well!), and the foam dough (not so great, a little crumbly, but still fun). Rachel even decorated the bags for their cute!

When we (finally) got home, the kids had had a great day! They couldn't wait to show us their slime! haha

I just have to share this pic with y'all. The youth group at our church had a back to school blast party on Wednesday night. Red One was super excited to go...couldn't wait! They were gonna have games, slip n slide, powder paint fight, and snacks. This is what she looked like when I picked her up!

They didn't actually do the slip n slide (it was actually a little chilly) but she loved the paint fight! And, they even cooked out hot dogs and hamburgers...and tons of snacks. She was a happy camper!

I haven't been shopping in forever! But I had a gift card for Anthropologie (my favorite!) to Rachel and I headed there on Thursday. I love just window shopping there...the decorations are always so unique and cool; and don't get me started on the clothes!!! I simultaneously drool and faint looking at them...drool because I want them so much, and faint because of the sticker shock! I mean seriously, the prices ranges from yikes to what planet are you from?!?!?! The home decor is awesome too! I would LOVE to own almost any of their furniture (which is also insanely expensive!), it's just so pretty! Anyways, I usually check out their clearance, and sometimes find a few kitchen items that are a steal. I actually got the coolest rolling pin there one time...and I love their coffee cups, especially the initial ones. I actually bought myself two of the M mugs...the kids broke both of them! I finally gave up. :/

Anyways, I actually lucked out in the clearance this time. I found the cutest top (that fit!) on clearance of course. I've also been coveting their aprons for months. I found one I really wanted, but it wasn't on sale, and there was no way I would spend $38.00 on an apron...but it was SO cute! Here's a link to check it out.

Sugar-Spots Apron

But, there was another apron on clearance for 14.95 that had all the colors I adore...and it was also super cute. There was no way I was gonna pass that up! Gotta say, I was super excited to actually buy some clothes from Anthropologie (and not break the bank ;)

Malorie Apron

We were on such a winning streak we stopped by Savers too...found a pair of white 7 for All Mankind shorts for $7...woohoo! plus a couple of cute shirts. I love shopping! and even more, I love shopping while not spending a fortune! I'm all about going cheap as much as possible!

I wore my new shirt, and a super cute necklace I picked up at Savers the next day! lol I brought a meal to some people from church who are going through the same cancer fight David and I are. It was nice to be able to help out some. I'm so glad I scheduled it in my phone though! My alarm went off telling me to bring the meal and I was like "Crap!" I had totally I headed to the grocery store to pick up some chicken and veggies. After I dropped the meal off, Rachel got hold of my camera and started taking some pics. She thought my outfit and hairdo were too cute to pass She's so sweet!

I really love that necklace I got (at Savers for 3.99!) actually had two more danglies, but it was too much and didn't lay right. So, I took them off and now it's super cool!

Speaking of school starting, Rachel started up classes at Manchester Community she'll be hanging out here a lot more. She'll probably move in for a bit until she finds a least, that's the plan. ;) She's gonna be going for Computer Programming it seems. Almost all her classes are nights this semester, which actually is working out well. The kids, of course, are loving having her around more. I hope her classes are good and she can make some local friends!

I'll leave you with a pic of my silly dog. Mind you, this is just a day or two after the kids gave her a bath. She's got pink and blue chalk dust all over her...and grass stains from running around outside while the lawn was being mowed...hahaha