Monday, August 26, 2013

Red Two's Birthday Party - Percy Jackson, Sonic, owls, crafts, candy galore...only thing missing? SLEEP!

My redhead is turning 10 in a week...but since it falls on Labor Day this year, we figured we'd have her birthday party earlier to make it easier on everyone. I only do friend birthday parties for the kids every other year. It's just too much with 4 kids to do otherwise! Makes it so much easier, spacing them out...only two a year instead of four. This year, Red Two decided she wanted to have a sleepover, and either go to the movies or Sonic. I was feeling generous, so I said we could do

She was really hoping that the new Percy Jackson movie would be out so we could go to see that. David always makes fun of that badly written it is, and how terrible the first movie was. He really tried to convince her to go see Pacific Rim instead! hahaha Anyways, she decided to go with Percy Jackson. She wanted to invite her three good friends from school. One wasn't able to make it...just as well, I would have had to take my car seat out of the van ;) but her other two buddies (we'll call them Thing 1 and Thing 2) said yes. It was so funny though, she kept trying to call Thing 2 and leaving messages...finally, I listened to the message and it turned out she had the wrong number. She'd been leaving messages on some lady's work what she thought about that! :D Luckily, Thing 1 had it, so it worked out. Even better, they were both able to come over earlier in the afternoon, so we made the 3:25 showing (yay, cheaper for me!) more time for all the other stuff.

Red Two had been wanting me to recreate the Candy Bar in Jimmy Neutron...basically, she just wanted lots of candy on the table looking pretty...but the main thing was, lots of candy! lol Luckily, Dollar Tree has a great variety for less moolah. I found some really cool owl crafts on Pinterest...Red Two is a little obsessed. We went with a t-shirt decorating craft and some duct tape flowers. I had found a really cute owl print duct tape earlier. We were also going to make duct tape bracelets. I figured that would be a good amount to keep them occupied without being too much.

Of course, nothing but an owl cake would do. ;) She browsed my Pinterest cake board...finally narrowed it down to a funfetti cake and cotton candy buttercream frosting (again, David was disappointed in her decision making ;) She also (with my help...I know my limitations) picked a cute owl cake to imitate.

I made the cake on Thursday...we had found some cool pearlescent pinks and blues sprinkles that we were going to use. It came out looking pretty good, if I do say so myself ;)

Friday morning we headed out to do our shopping to get ready. Target (in and out in about an hour and 15 minutes...that's pretty good!) We needed school supplies! Red Two needed a lunch box (somehow she lost hers last year) snacks, party breakfast supplies, streamers, etc. Then on to Dollar Tree for CANDY! Then Joanns's for the craft goodies. We needed fabric paint, paint brushes, transfer paper for the owl shirts...more duct tape (she picked out a cool paint splatter pattern too). After that, we stopped by Salvation Army to pick up t-shirts/sweaters for the craft and the library to print out the owl patterns and Red One's math packet for school. Oops, should have done that a lot sooner! oh well... We made it home by 11:00...plenty of time to decorate and finish setting up/cleaning up before the girls came here at 2:45.

Red Three wore gray, so I had to take a pic of her...and Buddy of course wanted in it too, and yes, he is trouble!

Thing 2 was first to arrive...poor baby had her foot in a walking boot :( Yikes! Thing 1 wasn't far behind...and off to the movies we went (after snagging a few candies first ;) Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters...not terrible for a kids movie.  I'd give it a B-...I The best thing in it was Nathan Fillion as Hermes (they even threw in a Firefly reference = AWESOME)!  I also enjoyed seeing Jake Abel, the guy who played Adam, the Winchester's younger brother in Supernatural...he was pretty decent as the bad guy.

After the movie it was dinnertime, so we headed across the street to Sonic for some grub and cream slushies. One of the girls had never been, and the other had only been once. Red Two couldn't believe it! Sonic is her favorite! They had a good time reading the menu and picking a drink. Once we got home with our food and treats, they plowed into the candy...Sugar Rush!!! I believe there was even a conga line at one point. The whistling candy was a cool idea in abstract, but it got old in about 10 seconds. David, of course, was hiding upstairs for pretty much all the sent me a text at one point, simply stating "oh my."

Red Two decided she wanted to do presents, then crafts, then that's what we did.

 Red Three loves Thing 1! I couldn't believe Freckles was actually sane most of the time...she usually freaks out with joy when there are people, it's so annoying!
 Happy girl with lots of owls! She got an owl necklace and owl shaped gift cards for Target! I'm jealous ;)

The crafts were really fun...they all got into it. It was really neat to see how even using the same owl pattern (well, except for Red Three) they all came out looking so different...shows their personalities.

Everyone was jealous they hadn't thought of the paint splatter idea like Red Two! :)

Since the t-shirts wound up taking awhile, we all decided we wanted cake before doing the duct tape flowers. So Happy Birthday was sung, cha cha chas and all,  candles were blown out and cake was served!

Buddy helped blow out all two candles ;)
 If only duct tape were a viable option every day! hahaha

The duct tape flowers came out really cool also. The girls had fun designing their own flower pens.

Thing 1 left at 9:30...Thing 2 and the girls settled in the living room to watch tv and (try) stay up all night. Red Two wanted to try out a recipe for African Pancakes for breakfast...since the batter needed to sit overnight, I mixed it up and then headed to bed.

 Even the dog was comfy.

About 1:30, a.m. mind you, I get woken up by one of the girls letting me know that Thing 2's eye was swollen and hurting. :( Poor honey...I wasn't sure whether to give her Benadryl or what...especially since she's had eye surgery in the past...her mom wound up coming to get her. She's OK now...and Red Two was fine...she had a really fun party, even if the sleepover part was cut short ;)

BTW, those African pancakes were scrumptious! They're kinda like a mix between a crepe and a regular pancake. We stuffed ours with bananas and/or raspberries and Nutella. Delicious! I'll do you the favor and post the link!

African good!

Tomorrow, David and I are heading to NYC for his last IV chemo...then we'll head back one more time in two weeks for an MRI and Dr appt. I know I keep saying it, but hopefully this will be the last visit for a long least several months is my hope! For tomorrow, I'm just hoping for no traffic! ;) Send us travel blessings!