Saturday, August 3, 2013

Girls Night Out and Beachy, Chemo and Cars

Tuesday night, I celebrated my birthday with my besties, Kim and Sarah. We weren't sure exactly what we were going to do, but we knew drinks would be involved! ;) After debating between the West Hartford mall, which we never go to, or the closer outdoor mall, we settled for Evergreen Walk nearby. There's a hibachi grill there that has great drinks and then we thought we could walk around and window shop for a bit.

We headed to Sakura Grill first...I got some sort of Tropical Long Island Tea cocktail...delicious! We snacked on edamame and just visited. It was wonderful as always! Kim, Sarah, and I have been doing GNO for at least 5 years. Sometimes more frequently than others...and a lot of times it's more of a girls night in...but it's always nice to get together and recharge. 

I am like the worst blogger...I keep telling myself to not forget the camera...and then promptly forget it! Luckily Sarah had her tablet with her, and the server didn't mind taking a few pics.

After our drinks we didn't have much time to shop...but we managed to sneak into Charming Charlies before it closed. I found a few cute things on clearance. I love that store...I always say it's like a candy shop for grown ups! They have a huge amount of jewelry and accessories...and it's all arranged by color on different tables. They often have really good clearance sales, which is even better! It's definitely one of my favorite places to shop!

After we left, the rest of the shops were closed...but it was still early, only 9:00. We didn't want the party to end, so we headed back to my house to watch a movie. Kim and I still hadn't seen Silver Linings Playbook...Sarah had, (without us!!! how dare she!! lol) but she really liked it and didn't mind watching it again. I have been really wanting to watch it, mostly because Jennifer Lawrence is in it, and I think she's amazing! I love her! I saw her in Winter's Bone, and was amazed at what a great actress she is. Not to mention, she's in Hunger Games and did a great job of capturing Katniss' character. 

Anyways, we watched Silver Linings Playbook...and once again, she was amazing in it. Everyone was really good, Bradley Cooper was incredible and Robert De Niro perfectly portrayed his dad. Basically, the movie is about a former teacher Pat (Cooper) who is bi-polar and just released from a psychiatric hospital and has to go back to live with his parents. He wants to win back his estranged wife, and meets a recent widow (Lawrence) who is struggling with sex addiction after her husband's death...she says she'll help him get in contact with his ex-wife, who has a restraining order against him, if he will enter a dance competition with her. The story sounds a bit over the top, but it really works! It's a long movie the time it was over it was about midnight. ;) All our girl's nights don't last that long! The girls went home and I crashed ;)

Wednesday, we had plans to go to the beach with a friend of mine from MOPS. Tiffany and her family usually go to Ocean Beach in New London. We hadn't been before, but it sounded like a great beach. It has a boardwalk, concessions, a water slide, splash pad, playground, and even a pool. Although seriously, who goes to the beach to swim in a pool??? Anyways, we went all the way down past the lifeguards to an inlet that was less crowded. The tide was out, so the kids were looking for crabs and shells. It was nice that it wasn't deep, so I didn't have to worry about Buddy too much. We had a great day just relaxing, exploring, snacking, swimming, and lounging. Red Three loved collecting sea snails! She probably had about a hundred in the bucket at one point. She really wanted to bring them home...uh uh, Mommy said! We saw several big jellyfish! Red Three got stung too...but she was a trooper...only complained a little bit :)

Go figure, my spray sunscreen was just about gone...had enough for one application, and then some rub on for the second. Unfortunately, we missed a few spots...all of us have like one spot on us that got burnt. Red Three had a patch on her legs, Red One and Two both got burnt noses/under eyes, and I had a spot on my chest I Buddy came out unscathed.

Don't mind the poor know what I'm going to say...I am ashamed, I forgot my camera...again...sigh. And then, my phone started dying, so I hardly got  any pics...oh well...we had a blast and it was great hanging out with Tiffany and her girls! It was actually our first beach trip of the summer, if you can believe it! Hopefully we'll get to go again before school starts! Once we started heading home, Buddy was conked out within minutes! He didn't even wake up for Frostys (OK, seriously, how do you pluralize that? Every way I try looks wrong!) All around good day!

Pretty quiet the rest of the week...the kids and I hung out with Rachel and her friend Jason on Thursday...shot some arrows and BB guns...always fun! Yesterday we went to the pool to hang out. Trying to make the most of the rest of summer!

David started up another round of chemo on Tuesday night. His blood counts recovered enough for him to start. He's definitely feeling the cumulative effects though! :/ I know I've explained before, but this chemo regimen is a cocktail of three different chemotherapy drugs...basically he takes one the first day of the cycle, and drug 2 on day 8, drug 3 days 8-21, and then drug 2 on day 28 again. Then he's done with chemo for a month to give his body time to recover. Anyways...the first 3 rounds, the drug he takes first, CCNU, never really had any side effects. He didn't feel nauseous or tired at all...not till after he was taking the other two. Now, being that this is round 5, he's already feeling nauseous and terrible, and he hasn't even gotten to the bad side effects drugs. I really don't think he'll be able to do all six least, I hope they don't make him. He's already feeling terrible and this round just started! :( I hate that there's nothing I can really do about it. He's got nausea meds, but they're not doing enough at this point...he just feels yucky. Hopefully, once this cycle is finished, they'll let him off the hook and he'll be able to recover a bit. Not to mention, it would be bliss not to have to go to NYC 3-4 times every 2 month'd be great to just go for his quarterly MRIs and check ups...that's my prayer anyways! In fact, we've got to go this coming Tuesday for his IV chemo...then back again 3 weeks after that...ugh! Not to mention, the van needs new tires, replace the brake pads, unclog the drain pipe for the AC so it stops seeping in the never rains but it pours! David and I are gonna try to at least get the brake pads changed out and unclog the drain pipe...doesn't sound like it's that big a deal to fix, just a pain! Wish us luck! ;) well, me...David at least knows what he's doing! hahaha