Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 12 - Happy Mother's Day!

 Today has been pretty nice! Red One took this pic in between church services. I like to joke that we're bi-church ;) I'm Catholic and David is not...the kids and I go to early Mass on Sunday morning, then we go to his church, Church of the Living God, which is an evangelical/pentecostal church. at 11:30. As you might imagine, Sunday mornings are busy, but we love it! Nothing like getting spiritually fed with worship, preaching, and communion! I was brought up Charismatic Catholic, so it's great to get the praise and worship type stuff that's not so typical at these Yankee Catholic churches.

Buddy wanted to get in on the action
Look at these gorgeous flowers the girls picked!

 Isn't he just the sweetest thing...he goes from being unbelievably sweet to just such a stinker. I must admit, it makes David a little happy, he likes to call it "piss and vinegar." While he can be super affectionate, he is ALL boy!

I dare you to find another bouquet that beautiful! Looks like something that would come in the mail! Guess they heard me complaining about never getting flowers, lol

 I wanted a picture of all the kids, but of course they couldn't all cooperate...This time it was Red Three who wouldn't smile! oh well, they're still pretty sweet.


 Happy Mother's Day to my moms also!!! My mother, referred to as Mumsie by the kids, is wonderful lady who loves her family tremendously. She brought me up with lots of faith, fun, and hard work. She'll be coming out to visit in a few weeks and of course, the kids can't wait. Love you Mom!

As I had mentioned previously, my mother-in-law passed away very unexpectedly a couple months ago, which make this Mother's Day bittersweet. She has been such a huge part of our lives, it's hard to adjust. The kids have never been more than an hour from her, we would see her at least weekly...her family was her life. We'll miss you always...we love you Mama!

 Red One made this all by herself for me, Chocolate Cake with Marshmallow Cream was delicious!!! Guess her baking skills are on the upswing, lol

So yesterday we went bowling with the's been several years since we've all gone together. We had such a blast...and I won!!! That's not normal, lol...I had my second best score, 133. I had a chance to beat my best, 144...I had one pin left and I missed the spare by like 2 inches! It was killer! haha, but we had tons of fun, which was the point. Red One played without bumpers this time, she did awesome, she actually came in second! She beat Papa! Guess several years has been too long ;) She was talking so much trash though, said she was gonna beat me...last time we played she won, but she had bumpers so I told her it didn't count, lol


My sis-in-law


I love the ramps they have for the little ones...that way they still get to have fun without it being too hard or getting frustrated. Have y'all ever heard of the summer bowling program, Kids Bowl Free? It's a national program that a lot of bowling alleys participate in. Basically you can sign up each of your kids and you receive an email with a coupon for 2 free games a day in the's awesome! At our bowling alley, you still need to pay for the shoes, but still, it's a great deal and something fun to do...I highly recommend checking it out, see if it's offered near you!