Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 18 - The weekend!

Actually got up at a decent hour and the kids are just about done with their chores...they might actually get to have fun today. Their usual MO is to drag out their chores for hours!!! I mean, it's not like they have a huge workload...if they would just work, they'd be done in an hour or so...but no, they usually dilly dally and "get distracted" until it's like 4:00 pm! Drives me nuts!

I picked up this cute but comfy tee at Goodwill yesterday. ;) The check out lady noticed that I had all gray and black stuff and commented on it...I was able to tell her that Brain Cancer Awareness Month is in May, and gray is the color. Always happy to spread some awareness!

You know, it is just amazing how many pics I have to snap to get a good y'all saw my rejects, it would be embarrassing!

I don't know if you can see if that clearly, but my second necklace is an alligator tooth we picked up while we were down in Florida and Alabama for my mother-in-law's funeral. Rachel and Dad got me and all the girls one. I think mine is the only one still intact (sorry Rach!) but it's fun to wear. And it did cheer me up a bit!

I managed to snap this last night before Buddy turned into a ham for the camera...David has always been a big gamer! Some PS3, but mainly PC. He was really big into LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) but kinda been burnt out on it lately. Anyways, he was playing his new game, Defiance, and Buddy put on his headphones so he could listen in...guess he'll be taking after him. :) He does like to watch Daddy play...he'll point at the character on the screen and say, "that you, Daddy?"

David was feeling a little better after he got a nap in...but still not great. I really hope he gets a break from chemo!

I'm really hoping to go see either Iron Man 3 or Star Trek into Darkness this weekend! As I may possibly have mentioned before, I'm a huge geek...I love Robert Downey Jr, I think he's amazing as Iron Man! I mean, IM2 wasn't all that great, but this one is supposed to be really good! and Benedict Cumberbatch is in Star Trek...I can't get over how awesome he is in Sherlock! Gonna be a toss up which one I want to see more! And David just likes action flicks, so he'll be down with either! I can't wait!!!