Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 25 - Arghhhhh

I've had a frustrating morning and haven't been handling it well...which makes me more of witch! Vicious cycle!

I actually had another, cuter pic...other than the giant smudge on my nose I didn't know was there! Haha, luckily my glasses covered it up in this one. I didn't feel like going and taking more pics. OK, I know it's a little ridiculous, but I love the tiny hat on my headband. It's not too over the top, but still quirky!

I had to get a close up of the cool chain mail detail on my couldn't really be seen on the other pic. Makes this nice enough sweater really unique. Yes, I said sweater; the weather is once again going haywire...we might not even hit 50 degrees today. What?!?!?!?

So, I'm totally gonna vent to y'all. I've been so super frustrated this morning...ain't even funny! Kinda boiled over from yesterday. I was stuck home most of the day waiting on that finally came right before the girls got out of school. However, one of David's meds didn't come (I knew it wouldn't!). We've had such a hard time getting the Procarbazine each time! Unfortunately, there is only one manufacturer/pharmacy that carries it. Which wouldn't be that big a deal if our insurance didn't require all refill prescriptions to be filled through their mail order system. Can you see the problem here? We figured that the doctor's office should send the prescription to Caremark and let them figure out that they can't do it...maybe then it wouldn't be such a problem if they realized they can't fill it. But they sent the prescription to the other pharmacy, Caremark won't provide any more overrides (since this is the 4th refill) and now we're stuck. So anyway, yesterday, I called Accredo to check on the status (I knew it was rejected, but they hadn't contacted me) and they said that it had been kicked back due to authorization code needed, but they had the code, so they resubmitted and it would get here today (Sat). I hoped it was true (it wasn't).

Then I headed off to go grocery shopping...we were down to bare shelves! Took a couple of hours and the sticker shock on my receipt about killed me! It wasn't like I even got anything fun or unneeded...OUCH!!! That's what happens when you have 6 people to shop for and you need everything...ugh! So I was a big disheartened when I got home...and what do I come home to? The kids have "finished" their chores and were watching a movie...but had they really? Nope. Not even they had to stop the show and actually do it for real. Also, David informed me that Accredo had called and the override hadn't worked and we needed to call Caremark, but it was too late to call them. I wound up going to bed early which is pathetic for Friday night, but I needed it. 

In our house, Saturday mornings are pancake mornings...sometimes we'll have waffles to mix it up. However, sometimes David would rather have grits and eggs instead...I actually had some Jimmy Dean's so we wound up having grits, biscuits and gravy with sausage. It was yummy! But while I was cooking, my phone alarm went off reminding me to call Caremark. So I did...and it wound up being a long, frustrating call that told me nothing that I didn't already know. Basically, even though they don't carry the drug, they can't process anymore overrides until we submit the prescription to their mail order service. If at that point they can't process the order, hopefully they would be able to figure something out. Of course, this is on a holiday weekend, so nothing can be done until the doctor's office can fax the prescription to them on Tuesday. Meanwhile, he's supposed to start his next cycle of chemotherapy on Tuesday...but the Procarbazine wouldn't be needed till the week following, which would give us a week to get it here. Last cycle, we had so much trouble that David was three days late taking his Procarbazine. Nothing like insurance bureaucracy to start your morning! 

Of course by this point I'm already frazzled and not in the best mood...not to mention the kids were all as loud as could be while I'm on the phone! And, they're supposed to be doing their Saturday chores! which they generally like to drag out as long as possible. Seriously, it's not like vacuuming whichever room they're assigned for the week, mopping/Bona-ing, and cleaning the bathrooms should take more than maybe an hour. Guess how long they took today???? Red Two finished first, around 1:30; Red One came in second around 2:30; and Red Three took her sweet time and just now finished, about drives me bonkers!!! Why, why, why??? I don't understand. I just don't. It's seriously like pulling teeth to get them to do their stuff. I don't think they're overworked. And don't get me wrong...they're about the best kids ever in regards to everything else. They're respectful (mostly), polite, sweet, caring...they're totally precious! But as soon as they're supposed to do any work, they turn into sloths. I just don't know how to get the whole responsibility thing ingrained in them. If they could just get it, that doing their job right the first time, getting it over with, not goofing off or doing a poor job...they'd actually have so much free time...and they'd feel better about it. But still working on figuring it

So...trying to calm myself...and I do feel better after venting. The internet understands. :P

Ending on a cute note...I was making a meringue for a pavlova yesterday...and Buddy licked the whisk.