Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 28 - MOPS morning!

So a bunch more of my mommy friends showed up to MOPS this morning in gray to show support for brain cancer awareness! Y'all are the best!

Today was the last MOPS meeting of the year...wahhh!!! Seriously though, this was my last day serving on the steering team...a few tears might have been shed on the way home. I hadn't realized how long I'd actually been going to this MOPS group...I figured out that this was my seventh year, and sixth on the steering team. MOPS has been such a huge part in my life, it's gonna be so weird not be as deeply involved. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere, I'll still be going to MOPS, I just can't make the time commitment to serve on the steering team anymore. I still have a couple years before Buddy will be in school, thank goodness! It's probably good for my ego though. I liked being a part of running it and have come to the realization that I was a bit proud about it. Funny how you don't notice stuff like that till it's gone. 

I just want to say to everyone on steering team, discussion group leaders, mentor moms...y'all have been so wonderful to work with and it's been sheer pleasure being involved in this group. I appreciate all the times you picked up the slack when I wasn't able to come, the help you provide every meeting, the listening ears and arms ready to hug. I seriously am so grateful to EVERYONE at MOPS. The meals that have been cooked, the prayers offered, and just smiles and friendship every meeting and beyond. You are amazing moms, awesome friends and I love you all! I would say something special about individuals, but there's too many of you! haha...not everyone can say that! I am completely blessed!

OK, you know I gotta talk about my shoes ;) I love this pair! I found these awesome distressed metallic oxfords at, where else, the thrift store! I really like the oxford trend, but hadn't found the right pair till these. Super cute, IMO! On a side note, I love my porch swing!

I forgot to mention yesterday, while the kids were having their sleepover at Papa's house, they came up with Indian names for everyone. David and Rachel are actually card carrying members of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians from their mom's side. The kids are not members due to the bloodline being less than a quarter at their generation...they are known as First Generation. What's way cool is that First Generation kids still get school tuition benefits! Anyways, they decided they needed Indian names. Red One decided to be Wildcat. Red Two is Firefox, due to her hair color and sly sense of humor. Red Three is Dragonfly. Buddy decided to be called Tractor! LOL! The girls decided that Little Tractor sounded more Indian...although Pouty Pants was in the running too. Perhaps Pouty Britches would be better...hahaha
Rachel was Wildflower. Red One suggested I should be Glass Eyes...I said "really???" that's the best you could come up with? 

As my mom is flying in tomorrow night, I think I'm gonna go break down a Bowflex, move it to the basement, move a bed into the den, and clean up! I also have parent orientation at the 6th grade academy tonight; Red One will be going next year (say it isn't so!)! Not to mention David's birthday is tomorrow also, as well as the older girls orchestra/band concert for school...gasping for breath...pray for me! ;)