Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 13 - Monochromatic Medley

I had a nice, mostly relaxing Mother's Day ;) I didn't do any cleaning, so I'm gonna pay for that today. I'd show you the state of my house, but I think that DCF or Hazmat might be called on me,'s just ridiculous how much of a disaster 4 kids and a dog can make in just a couple hours...GRRRRRR! 

I had a dentist appointment cavities! Yay!!! but, I need to floss more :( boy, that whole measuring thing they do where they prod your gums and see how many millimeters your gums are, that really hurts! I was told to floss more to get rid of inflammation or else my immune system will start destroying my bone structure! Youch...that'll get me more diligent for about a week, lol...but seriously, I try to floss nightly but it's such a pain! At least there's that cool invention the Reach flosser...that's the only way I'll actually floss much better than the string!

While I was there, the hygienist told me she liked my bracelets. I was able to share that they were brain cancer awareness bracelets and that that was why I was wearing gray; that May is Brain Cancer Awareness month. She thought it was pretty cool. She asked who I wore it for and she said she would be thinking of my hubby and I. I mentioned my blog, but then couldn't really talk anymore, lol...

Kim watched the little man for me while I had my appointment, and I continued my tradition of completely destroying the hygienist's hard work by stopping by Starbucks (seriously, it's right across the street!) and getting a Frappucino for Kim and I. I tried out their new Caramel Crunch Frappucino...scrumptious!!! the little crunchy bits were yummy.

I wanted to post a quick side note for all you seeing impaired people like me ;) There is the coolest website ( where you can get glasses as low as seven bucks, if you can believe it! This pair was $9! They are so cool, love the argyle print. I have a couple other pairs and even some prescription shades. It's such an amazing website! I've told a bunch of people about it, and everyone I know has gotten good results! What's even cooler is that you can upload a pic of yourself and "try on" the glasses to get an idea of how they look. Just had to share, maybe help someone out...I'm all about saving money!

Okay, enough rambling...I'm gonna try to do a Flashback Post tonight, but there's just no telling...;) Off to clean my house and maybe catch up on Doctor Who...I'm 2 episodes behind!!! Can't believe it...just ain't right! And I call myself a Whovian!