Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 8 - Stripes and Brights

I hope y'all were able to check out my Flashback post last night. I shared the beginning of our cancer chapter. I'll be posting another Flashback post soon.

On to business :)

Wish the color had come out a little more true to life...One of my favorite pair of jeans...bright turquoise!


Makeup came out pretty decently today for me just slapping it on, lol...

The pic on the right would have been perfect if I'd been able to get my head in the shot...sigh

Freckle Face
Boy, my freckles are really popping out! 

So lately when we've been walking to school to drop off/pick up sissies, Buddy has been riding his trike. Today he decided to spice it up a bit ;)
Batbuddy! and the Batmobile
It's a about a 1/2 mile to the school...I was worried that he would get tired, which is why I like the push bar on the back...but I rarely have to push him. He's got PLENTY of energy, fact, he really doesn't like it if I try to lend a hand, unless he asks me to. So independent! When we walk in the morning and afternoon he gets in about 2 miles of biking...not bad for a 3 year old!

Ok, gotta go clean my nasty house...seems like it's always nasty lately...rather discouraging to spend time cleaning and as soon as kids get home, it looks the same as it did before. The endless lament of mothers everywhere! So I will leave you with words of wisdom from Pinterest.
mmmmm, Oreos! Off to snack, I mean clean!