Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 29 - Happy Birthday!

Today is David's 34th birthday! While we will be celebrating over the weekend...of course we're still gonna have a nice dinner and cake and ice cream!

In honor of David's birthday, I'm gonna tell y'all the story of how we met. It was the spring semester of '99. I was home, poor...couldn't go back to the state college, so I was attending the local junior college while working at a local bank. Apparently David was also going to the junior college to save some money during the off season. He was a football player...obviously ;)

Anyways, so kinda weird, but my brother, my mom, and I were all taking classes at the same time, Michael (brother) and I would hang out with some friends in between classes. I would see this dude wearing the most hideous colored t-shirt...imagine an unholy mix of chartreuse, mustard and lime and you have some idea.

this is close, but still too pretty

Anywho, there's a big, tall guy with this hideous shirt, jeans with a Tweety bird patch on the butt, arm in a sling...walking like he owns the place. Just wading through the crowds...wish I had a digital pic of him from back then. OK, I just took dug out a bunch of old pics and snapped them with my phone...not the greatest, but you'll see what I mean! ;)

I didn't know he played football at the time, but this is gonna be the right time period.
In fact, here's a montage of high school and college pics.

When I met him, he'd stopped bleaching his hair though :/...alright, I'm getting sidetracked! Back to my, I'd see this guy walking around with Tweety on his butt. I thought it was hilarious! I even pointed him out to my brother. We never had any classes together though...and we never even talked...just a little eye flirting.

Fast forward to fall semester, I had transferred to one of the local colleges in Abilene, Hardin-Simmons University. It's one of three universities in Abilene...all private christian schools. HSU is a baptist school...this was my 4th (and last) college...and I still never graduated! haha...but that's a totally different story. This was both of our junior years. I was still working part time at the bank in the afternoons and I had a computer class at night. I would show up still in my work clothes. I'm sure y'all all know how computer classes show up, get your assignment, then finish it and can leave. This was actually my second computer class, they were only half a semester long. Guess who was in my second class? I had no idea he went to school there, but I totally remembered him! He may have even had the same jeans...I know he had that shirt! 

So, we played the eye game a few classes. He told me later that he thought I was stuck up or something because I was always dressed! A few classes in, I had my eye on him and told myself, if he leaves early I'm gonna leave early too. Lo and behold, he gets up pretty quickly. I let him walk out the door then get my stuff and follow him out. Didn't want to look too he's a ways ahead of me, gets to the doors and what does he do? He stands there and waits, holding the door for me...bear in mind, I'm at least 30 feet behind him. We start talking, he asks if I want to go to the cafeteria...we get a snack or something and talk some more. He made total fun of me for how slow I drink too...apparently he was amazed when I was drinking my Dr Pepper at how long I was drinking from the bottle and how little the level changed...seriously, that's what you notice??? 

And that, ladies and gentleman, is that...we started dating the next day I think, I remember the was Nov 9, 1999. I remember because it was his little sister's birthday...she was turning 10 and he didn't know what to get her. It was so cute. Rachel says now that he was totally playing me...but I think he was really worried. It was adorable. Four months later we were married...I know everyone thought we were either crazy or it was a shotgun wedding...but here we are, 13 years later and still happy as can be!

Oh, I realized I never explained the arm sling. Apparently he had just had reconstructive surgery on his shoulder due to multiple dislocations. And by multiple, I mean over 50! He actually had 13 post surgery...which is not supposed to happen! Football. 

Happy Birthday my love! It's been a crazy wild ride...but I wouldn't change a thing! 

Oh yeah, here's my outfit today ;) Sorry about the lighting...I wanted to get the full dress in...but nobody here to take it for me. My full length mirror is on my closet door...horrible lighting! Just pretend y'all can't see the debris all over my room ;)

I love this dress! Maxis are one of my favorite things to wear! So comfy and cute.