Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 17 - ...

Lol, nothing clever came to mind :)

Nothing fancy today...kinda having a lazy day. Ever have one of those days where you have a lot you know you should be doing, but just can't bring yourself to do it? Yeah, me either...:P but seriously, totally unmotivated right now...I should follow my own advice and set the timer for 10 min. It's amazing how much you can actually get done in that short period of time!

Look at those straight lines! Good job Buddy ;) 

So, I need to vent! Ever since it's happened I've been complaining, but now I'll share with the world. My puppy, Freckles, looks sweet and innocent, but so isn't!

This little thing destroyed my favorite shoes!

Look how pretty they were! I wore them all the time. I got them at a store that I never shop at for $10!! They were so gorgeous and comfortable...and apparently tasty. She knew she was in trouble too...she ran away from me so fast...and peed, cuz I'm scary! GRRRRR, darn dog! OK, I'm over it...not really, but I'll stop complaining...haha

David came home early from work today. He said he was feeling nauseous...I think it was just Friday-itis :) No, but seriously, side effects suck sometimes! He's on the tail end of a chemo cycle, so is mostly feeling fatigue more than anything...but sometimes the nausea still kicks in. Poor babe...wish I could take it all away! We actually have a Doctor appointment this coming Tuesday down in NYC at Sloan Memorial. It's at 7:00 am, which means we have to wake up at hell o'clock to leave by 4 am to get there on time :/ He'll be getting an MRI and then we'll meet with the doctor. I'm really hoping he can stop chemo...or at least get a break. The particular chemo he is on is a lot worse as far as side effects than the standard chemo. I'll go into that more later, still trying to get all my Flashback posts done...anyways, prayers are always greatly appreciated. And of course, I'll be keeping y'all posted.