Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 20 - Monday...

At least the kids are back in school! haha, jk! 

 It's shorts weather again...spring  just can't make up it's mind! Yesterday was rainy and cool, today sunny and hot!  

I know it's black, but it's covered in gray print, totally counts!

Couple of kids in gray today ;) Red One looking stylish on the way to school...and Buddy chilling out. What better way to watch a show, right? (Just ignore the state of my floors please! I was trying to get the shot before he saw me and started posing ;)

I'm actually having a pretty good Monday. One of my besties, Sarah, came over for coffee and to finish watching Sherlock...if you haven't watched this series, it's amazing!!! I'm such a fan, and now she is too! ;) We were watching The Reichenbach Fall, the season two finale...just wow!
Me at the end of Reichenbach Fall. That is all.
OK, seriously, I've seen it already, but it's just mind blowing...the writers are fantastic (of course they are, they're also showrunners over at Doctor Who!), the actors are amazing, I mean, Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch!!! Plus all the supporting cast are so great. I've been on pins and needles waiting for series three...and they've finally started shooting!!! So freakin excited! It actually is one of those shows that lives up to the hype. I'm also super jealous of Sarah right now. She's already seen Star Trek...and said that Benedict was incredible in it too!  boooooo

So, tomorrow, David and I are headed to NYC for an appointment at Sloan Memorial. He'll be getting an MRI and then meeting with the doctor to determine whether he'll do another round of chemo. I'm REALLY hoping that he can stop, or at least get a bit more of a break. He's been doing relatively well, but still, the side effects, mainly fatigue and nausea, are starting to get cumulatively worse. The doctors were actually surprised that he was still able to work. But I just hope he gets a break. He's already at the end of three rounds (6 months)...the goal for most patients is 3-6 rounds...we'll see. Please be keeping us in prayer...not least of which that we can stay awake. The MRI is scheduled for 7:30, which means we need to be there by 7:00...which means we have to leave no later than hell o'clock, I mean, 4:00 AM!!! That's just wrong imo! lol...of course, David's been having to leave by 4:30 for work lately, so it's not that big a deal for him, but I'm SO not a morning person...and who do you thing is gonna wind up driving??? ME!  lol 

Anyways, be thinking of us tomorrow please! Maybe I can get a nice shot of me in the waiting room for y'all :P Thanks for your prayers!