Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 16 - Gorgeous and Sunny

Seriously, you'd think you were in Texas again with the wild swings in weather...yesterday was frigid, gloomy and rainy, today is gloriously sunny and hot! 


Buddy and I were hanging out on the porch for a bit. I love having a porch! The only problem is that it's facing the west, so once the sun hits a certain point, it's too bright/hot...but just now it was still perfect! My little monkey boy had some fun! 

Look at him all proud of himself ;) He's seriously too big too fast...and of course with all his big sisters, he thinks he's so grown up...get's himself into trouble sometimes!

I've actually been somewhat productive today. I took my dining room curtains down and washed them (for the first time ever, I'm ashamed to admit) Oh my, there were stains splashed everywhere on them! Kids!!! I hope it all comes out. I basically covered it in Fels Naptha! lol Then I even windexed the windows...of course they still don't look all that great because the outside is still dirty. I didn't want to go overboard! haha

Anywho, got more cleaning to mom is coming to visit in a couple weeks, and I want to get the den cleaned out for her. Tata :)