Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 9 - Gray day...super cloudy!

Even the weather is going gray for May :)

Couldn't get a lot of lighting today, it was so overcast! We certainly needed all the rain we got yesterday though! 

Better lighting outside, but no mirror...and Buddy's 3 year old fingers aren't quite up to picture taking yet, lol

Our morning procession to school, Red One reading as usual, Bat Buddy going to town on his trike, Red Three all dressed up, and Red Two in her own little world...

We walk past this little pond every morning. It was super overgrown, but it's been cut back and worked on, and now it's so nice. Turtles like to hang out on the log in the morning, sometimes there are Canadian Geese, ducks and all kinds of birds. There are even a few benches scattered about. The thing that really makes me giggle though, is the dedication monument...(of course I forgot to take a pic of it) but it was dedicated to the Land Preservation something or other by Dr and Mrs Marsh...I mean come on, they had to have a sense of humor to pick a swampy pond to donate! hahaha

Bumps on a log 

On our way home, I stopped to take some pics of the prettiest flowers/bushes...I think they came out rather well! 

The rain washed all the tree petals to the edge of the sidewalk
I am still such a newbie with the camera...I really need to dig in and figure more of it out. I know there are some good tutorials online, just need to make the time! And of course, Kim has already given me some great pointers!

Look at that face!!! Ain't he just the cutest? Course, I might be a bit prejudiced ;)

David's been working a couple hours away lately, so of course when he gets home he's pretty beat...although I have noticed a little more energy lately. He's finally getting to the tail end of this chemo round so not quite so tired. But today, he got to go to the office for CPR training, didn't have to get up so crazy early and should have an easy day...happy for him!