Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 2 - Maximus Ravus...or gray maxi if you're not trying to sound smart ;) 

Yes, I totally googled gray in latin! lol

I just love maxis, don't you?
Get out of the picture Freckles :P

Didn't I do an awesome job on my manicure??? not!
It's such a beautiful day today!

My awesome friend, Kim, manned the camera today! I think I would stink as a model, but she had a blast, and even said she'd do it again. Thanks Kim!!!

So, I told my husband about the blog last night. I kinda jumped in without talking to him about it, but he loved it! I've been wanting to set up a blog for a while now, but couldn't figure out exactly what I wanted to do with it. Then on Tuesday night, right when I was heading to bed, it came to me! I was already thinking about wearing gray everyday in May, and then it hit me, why not document and share with everyone! Hope that you enjoy the outfits and that it raises awareness for brain cancer in a more personal way.

On a total side note, don't you just love that wreath?!? It's my favorite, even if it is starting to get a little droopy, and not really Christmas time anymore, lol. One of my better Pinterest projects, IMO...but I do need to take it down and put up my spring one :D