Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 15 - Halfway, my sister from another mister ;)

And so far, no repeat outfits, lol

It's a cool day again, so I broke out one of my sweatshirts. New England just can't make up it's mind if it's spring, summer, or fall it seems. We actually had frost on the ground this morning!

So, my in-laws came over a couple days sis-in-law, Rachel, and I did a little photo shoot ;)

Not only was she wearing gray to show support for her big brother, but she was also showing some Texas pride! ;) Sorry it took so long for me to post our head shots!

Rachel also brought me a really cool orchid for Mother's actually water it by putting 3 ice cubes in it weekly...hopefully even my black thumb can't kill a plant like's so pretty!

Rachel is so good with the kids...and they adore her. She's much better at certain activities than I am. I hate doing crafts with them, my patience wears off WAY too she'll do it with them. Thanks for picking up my slack! And the amount of babysitting she has done is priceless!!! So many trips to Sloan, doctor appointments, and even a few date nights wouldn't be possible without you keeping the thank you!!! I love how you can just be a big kid and love/play with my kids, then turn around and we can do our fun, grown up stuff ;) and I love that we are total geeks together! (SuperWhoLock!!!) I'm so glad I finally have a've grown up so much and we are so proud of you. I know right now is beyond tough, and you miss your mom more than anything, but you are so special and we are always here for you! You're the best! Love ya lots!