Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 26 - Brrrr

It just shouldn't be this cold and gloomy at the end of May! Yesterday it was in the 40s all it actually made it to 60, but it's windy, cloudy, and at times, rainy. At least tomorrow will be sunny and 70!

I wore this dress for Buddy's baptism a few years ago. Wow, can't believe it's been that long! Kids just grow up too fast! And, I do love the baby/toddler stages! I always start missing it when they start get older. 

I finally did my hair last night. It's been super faded! I really like coloring my hair, and my favorite is flaming red! Although, I rather enjoyed the turquoise and blue I did last summer ;) I get bored when things stay the same too long...I grow out my hair, then I get tired of it and chop it all off. I go natural with my hair color, then go crazy, then semi-normal. I figure, it's just hair. If I don't like it, I can always change it/grow it out/cover it with a different color.

OK, Red One found this freaky bug in the shower this morning! EWWWWW! Anyone know what it is? It's so weird looking. I haven't the slightest clue. It was about an inch and a half I'd say. Apart from the ick factor, I really hope it's not poisonous or bitey...I totally made up that word...could you tell? lol

So, never mind...I just Googled "bug with lots of legs" and these suckers popped up. Apparently they are house centipedes...and they eat other bugs and aren't harmful to humans. Supposedly they are beneficial...hard to see how anything that ugly is beneficial. As long as I never see them, I'll be happy! 

I've actually been a bit productive the last couple days. I got the den cleared out (other than the Bowflex...hopefully we'll move that tonight), cleaned out the garage a good bit. If only I could keep up on all the small stuff. The house goes from mostly tidy to war zone in about 30 sec flat sometimes!

Looking forward to tomorrow. My father-in-law is smoking some ribs...MMMMM! And maybe we can even get some hiking or something outdoorsy in. I could stand to be outside after this past week or so of ugly weather!