Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 24 - Friday!!!

I still love Fridays even though I don't work outside the home, I won't get a break, or the fact that it doesn't usually herald the start of lots of grownup fun...I guess it's just leftover joy! OK, so David is usually off, and the kids are out of school...but sometimes that means more work for me, lol

But still, Friday! I guess hope springs eternal...I keep thinking it'll be awesome ;) But seriously, it is nice to have everyone home and (mostly) relax. 

This one has a bit of a sixties vibe to it...maybe it's just me ;)

 I love these leggings...the lace like detail at the bottom is such a cool, I totally stole them from Rachel! JK, she let me ;) And those mustard colored flats are super cute! especially with the little rope edging on the bottom.

I'm stuck home today until the UPS truck comes :/ David's chemo meds are supposed to show up today, and signature is required...booooo! Of course, I also desperately need to go grocery shopping! We are literally down to the last roll of toilet paper, no peanut butter, pasta, etc...You know if you're out of those things, it's no good! lol

I guess I should take this opportunity to get some stuff done around the mom will be here next week and I still haven't cleaned out the den for her...yikes! OK, that will be my goal for today! 

On that note, off I go to kick Buddy off the TV and head upstairs so he can play and I can clean. Fun times!