Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 22 - Procrastination...

Why can't I get my butt in gear?

At least I've (mostly) worked out, gotten dressed, and snapped my pics...but that's about it, lol

This is me today! Plus, I'm so not a morning person at all! I used to be a huge night owl, but now I'm getting too old to stay up late and wake up early...haha! My most productive hours are usually from 3-5 in the afternoon...You'd be amazed at how much I can get done then! That's why it's always bad when David gets home early...I've gotten nothing done!

So yesterday we got home from the doctor in NYC by about 2:00...that never happens! My sis-in-law was watching the kids for us, and then my father-in-law came over after work. He'd bought some kites, so we headed across to the big field behind the church that is near us to try them out. We thought it'd be super breezy since there was a storm front moving in. Unfortunately it was really sporadic! The wind would pick up then completely die off, then pick it was muggy and hot! But we still had a lot of fun! Of course I forgot my camera...luckily Rachel had her camera phone with her!

Aren't I graceful?

Haha, so I totally wiped out and of course Rachel caught it on camera. I finally had the kite going, but I was running backward to try to keep the line tight and completely splatted...rofl

We did get them going a few times. I haven't flown kites in forever! I think it was actually Red Three and Buddy's first time. It'll be better on a windier day. Red Three was having a ball just catching bugs...she caught a few moths, a beetle, and an ant. She put them in a jar and brought them to school for show and tell today :) There's a little playground behind the church, so Buddy had fun on that and watching the kites. Red One got a work out running around with the kites. Red Two was hot and mostly hiding in the shade ;) We finally called it a day once it started thundering...didn't want any Ben Franklin experiments!