Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 6 - Gray Hat...seems apropos

missed a grass stain from mowing, lol

I know, the lighting is terrible!

Aren't these trees gorgeous?

Feeling a bit better from yesterday, thank the Lord...I was miserable!!! Finally able to breathe and the congestion seems to be thinning, as opposed to the concrete in my nose yesterday, lol.

I know I don't have too much gray on today, but black and white shorts kinda equal gray, right??? haha... I love hats, have way too many, but this one is probably my favorite, at the very least, my most worn. Only downside of hats is the dreaded hat hair, which means if I put one on, I'm committed for the day ;)

I finished mowing the back yard this morning, and apparently my shower was lacking, because I still have green ankles...I must be easily amused...

Off to play with my little man...have a blessed day!