Sunday, May 19, 2013

 Day 19 - Sunday = Dress Day

Although, you can't really see it...

Howdy! :) Sorry this post is so super late. I think I've mentioned before that Sundays mornings are crazy around here! Between first church, breakfast, second church, then lunch, we don't start winding down till about which point David had hijacked the computer to play his seen in the pic below ;) Then Red One wanted to bake...the other kiddos were playing outside in the rain, then watching shows. Then David wanted to watch a movie (Jack Reacher; not that great, although a couple of good lines)...then I got to catch up on my Doctor Who shows...which leads us to 8 pm and I'm finally posting!

There he is! you can see him in the background gaming away, lol

OK, can I just say that David was totally making fun of me during Doctor Who? He is so not a Whovian...shame on him! I always try to make him watch with me, but usually he gets out of it...even though when he is next to me while it's on, as he told me, "he sorta enjoys it." Seriously, how can you just sorta enjoy Doctor Who???? Boggles the mind. Anyways, I was watching A Nightmare in Silver...the next to last episode, and there's a Cyberman, and I knew he was gonna move, and I still completely jumped! David was like, are you serious! I was like, you don't understand how totally creepy the Cybermen are!!! lol...

I'm still kinda in shock about The Name of the Doctor, season finale...just wow...I thought they did a really good job, but still gonna have to think about it a bit..wrap my mind around it, haha

Seriously, where are they gonna take the 50th anniversary special from there?

OK, OK, to all my non geek readers...I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry! (well...actually, that's a quote from the Doctor, so maybe I'm not that sorry ;) yeah, there's even a meme for it!

I warned you I was a geek!

I'll leave you with some cute kids...I might be biased, but they warm my heart! Somehow Buddy got the idea of flashing peace signs from his sisters always doing bunny ears! haha