Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 14 - MOPS Madness

So much support today...thank you ladies!

I got this dress for Mother's Day....I love it so much!!! 

Many of my MOPS mama friends dressed in gray today to show their support for Brain Cancer Awareness. Thank you so so much ladies!!! Your love and support of my family has made the most enormous difference in our lives and helps us know that no matter what, we are not alone. Love you all so much!

My awesome, hysterical friend Nicole and 2 of her sweet kids! Her older two wore gray today also, but they were in school. She finally joined the 4 kid club...she knew it was cool ;) lol

I just had to share the cake my friend Anna made...she is such a talented cake decorator and her cakes taste amazing too! We had a luncheon today for our MOPPETS (childcare) volunteers and this is what she made for the occasion. I just had to brag on her :)

If you've never heard of MOPS and are wondering what the heck I'm talking about, you need to know! MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) is an international organization that looks to help nurture mothers of young children and foster relationships with the motto that "better mothers make a better world." There are MOPS groups all over the country and internationally. If you have any kids from 0-Kindergarten, you need to get yourself straight to a MOPS group!!! It's seriously so worth it. To be around other moms who are either going through the same issues as you, or who have been through it and have helpful advice, is priceless. Our particular group meets twice monthly...our typical meeting starts with breakfast (yum!), a speaker, discussion group time, and then some sort of creative activities. The friendships that I have made at my MOPS group have literally been lifesaving! 

When we moved to Connecticut from Colorado seven years ago, we knew no one! With 2 little ones not in school, and a third on the way, I knew that I needed to make connections. I had heard about MOPS from my small church mother's group in CO, and knew it was a national organization, so the first thing I did was look it up online and find a group near me. I chose the group I'm at simply because it met two times a month and the others only once. ;) 

I made so many close friends, and even though some have graduated (their kids are too old) we still keep in touch. I loved it so much I joined the steering committee and have done hospitality (organizing food/decorations, etc) for I think five years. 

When David had his first operation, we were showered with food, chauffeuring of kids back and forth to school, childcare during appointments...so much help that was priceless. I know that the prayers lifted on our behalf have been heard and answered numerous times. The same outpouring of love happened with his second surgery, and really is ongoing. Unfortunately, with everything going on in our life, and especially since David's appointments are always on Tuesday, which is the day our group meets, I can't make the commitment anymore to serve on the steering team, but I am still gonna go to every meeting I can until they kick me out ;)

I just wanted to let all the mentor moms, and fellow MOPS moms that you really do mean the world to me and I am so very blessed to have you in my life!